provides visitors with information, training schedules, workshops, projects and performances using rasaboxes, devised by Richard Schechner and developed by associates of East Coast Artists.

rasaboxes.org also serves an online resource to its community new and returning students, experienced practitioners, assistant and certified teachers– indeed anyone interested in rasaboxes– by providing study materials and ways to share ideas about using rasaboxes in the arts, education, and therapy, as well as other fields where the work can be applied.

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rasaboxes & rs in the news:

• Upcoming Performance/rasaboxes Workshop at UC Berkeley, August 2015.
• Rasaboxes Intensive offered at Ithaca College, Spring 2015
• Rasaboxes workshops taught at Salem High School, Virginia Beach, VA, March 2015
• Rasaboxes presented at 16th annual MTEA Conference hosted at Steinhardt School at NYU, January 2015.
• Rasaboxes workshop conducted at Montclair State University for the Peak Performances program, November 2014.
• Sheri Sanders shares how she uses rasaboxes in preparation for performing rock songs  in her new book, Rock the Audition, published by Hal Leonard.
• Rasaboxes Associate Elise Forier Edie’s article, “Hip To Be Square,” highlights experiences of high school teachers using rasaboxes with their students in Teaching Theatre journal, Spring 2011.
• Rasaboxes Instructor Fernando Calzadilla’s work with the PlayGround Theater is highlighted in “Down the Rabbit Hole with Stephanie Ansin”  in American Theatre Magazine.
• Nicole Potter’s article, “Let’s Get Physical:  What’s Happening Now?” and actor Dan Lawrence talk about rasaboxes in American Theatre Magazine.