Rasaboxes Instructors

Paula Murray Cole

Paula Murray ColePaula Murray Cole, MFA, LMT is an assistant professor of acting at Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY. She has taught rasaboxes workshops at New York University, Ithaca College, the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, Central Washington University, and The Dell’ Arte International School of Physical Theatre. As co-director of education for East Coast Artists (ECA), she developed rasaboxes training methodolgies and programs with colleague Michele Minnick based on the work of Richard Schechner. She has presented rasaboxes for the International Society for Researchers on Emotion Conference (2004), the Association for Theatre Movement Educators Colloquium (2005), and at conferences in Montreal, Turkey and Singapore, among others. She has also taught acting and/or directed productions at Hofstra, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Interlochen National Arts Camp, and the Governor’s Magnet School for the Arts of Norfolk, Virginia.  She co-authored “The Actor As Athlete of the Emotions: The RasaBoxes Exercise” with Michele Minnick for the book Movement For Actors, edited by Nicole Potter and contributed a sidebar article to “Rasaesthetics”, by Richard Schechner. Her research interests include assessing the benefits of bodywork in facilitating the progress of performers-in-training; comparative studies in emotional and psychophysical techniques in actor training practices; the study of emotion and the brain, body, and senses as it all pertains to the practice of acting and theatre making. She is a member of Actors Equity Association and a Licensed Massage Therapist in New York State.

Michele Minnick

Michele Minnick, CMA, MA, is a performer, director, teacher and writer. Her approach to performer training combines her expertise in Laban movement analysis with Environmental Theatre techniques and principles from performance disciplines including postmodern dance, experimental theatre, performance art, the somatic arts, and expressive arts therapies. She has served on the faculty of the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies in New York City, served for several years as co-director of education for East Coast Artists (under Artistic Director Richard Schechner), and taught the Performance Workshop with East Coast Artists at New York University from 1999-2007, in recent years also training new teachers of the work. A primary developer and teacher of rasaboxes, Michele has integrated her LMA/BF training with rasaboxes and other Environmental Theater and performance techniques in workshops in the U.S., Brazil, and elsewhere. She has presented the rasaboxes work in lecture demonstrations and workshops at international festivals and conferences in Turkey, Serbia, Canada, Brazil and the U.S. She has worked closely with Paula Murray Cole, co-teaching and developing the work, and co-authored the article, “The Actor As Athlete of the Emotions: The RasaBoxes Exercise”, for the book Movement For Actors, edited by Nicole Potter, Allworth Press, 2002. Michele is an associate member of the International Society for Research on Emotion, is a client and student of Reichian analysis, and is completing her doctoral thesis at New York University, a theoretical project on performance and healing in the art/life practices of Leeny Sack, Lygia Clark, and Anna and Daria Halprin. For the 2008-2009 academic year, she is teaching as a guest artist in the MFA and undergraduate theatre departments at Towson University in Maryland.

Rachel Bowditch

Rachel Bowditch, MA/PhD is a performer, theatre director, teacher, and performance studies scholar, and an assistant professor in the School of Theatre and Film at Arizona State University. With East Coast Artists, she performed in Yokastas directed by Richard Schechner at the LaMaMa Annex. A certified rasaboxes instructor, she has studied and assisted in rasaboxes presentations and workshops with Schechner, Cole, and Minnick since 2002. Her theatre studies—especially her work with the physical theatre approaches of Lecoq, Schechner, and with Anne Bogart and SITI Company—have helped her move towards her vision of theatre, which is far removed from American Realism. As the artistic director of Vessel, her directing work includes original productions in New York City and the on-going, site-specific performance, Transfix. Her innovative use of multi-media in Sophie Treadwell’s Machinal and in her original work, The Ophelia Project, were featured in American Theatre, Jan. 2009 and Live Design, Oct. 2008. Her book, On the Edge of Utopia: Performance and Ritual at Burning Man, is forth coming in 2009/2010 as part of the Enactments Series, Seagull Press/University of Chicago Press. She has presented her scholarship at conferences in the US, Singapore, Argentina, Brazil and London. She is co-editing a book on rasaboxes with Cole with various contributors—Schechner, Minnick, and others. She is the founder of M.O.V.E. (Movement. Observation. Vision. Experimentation) Arizona Laboratory for Movement Research at Arizona State University in collaboration with Sara Romersberger and the Association for Theatre Movement Educators. For more information, visit www.vesselproject.org

Fernando Calzadilla

Mr. Calzadilla is a theatre practitioner, scholar (a doctoral candidate at New York University), visual and performance artist with a multi-cultural background weaving hands-on experience with theory to expand the scope of his art. With more than thirty years in cultural production, his interdisciplinary practice comprises performance, theatre, ethnography, visual arts and communication processes from a Performance Studies perspective. Mr. Calzadilla has won thirteen National and Regional Awards for his design work in Caracas, Venezuela. Most recently, he was awarded Best Costume Design for Salieri (2007) and Best Set Design for Samuel Beckett’s Happy Days (2008). His production design for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland for the PlayGround Theatre was featured in the January 2009 edition of American Theater magazine for its stage beauty and innovative design. He works with the Playground Theatre in Miami, FL. Visit www.fernandocalzadilla.com for more information.

Marcia Moraes

is a master Physical Theatre professor, actress, dancer, director and has been involved with several productions over the past 20 years. She has taught for the Neue Musikschule Berlin (Berlin/Germany), for the B. F. A. degree in theater at University Estácio de Sá (Rio de Janeiro/Brazil) and rasaboxes method for the Pós B. F. A. degree in movement directing for theater at University Angel Vianna (Rio de Janeiro/Brazil). She assisted for the ECA Summer Performance course with Richard Schechner at The New York University, and in 2008 with Paula Murray Cole, where she instructed a rasaboxes workshop to university teachers at NYU with Paula`s supervision. She has been working with Michele Minnick on rasaboxes workshops in different colleges in Brazil, and directed productions with graduating students at the Estácio de Sá University in RJ using the method. She has been teaching classes on acting, movement and voice on the past 16 years in numerous different schools in Brazil as well as workshops at the Calgary University in Canada (1996). She toured in Europe (Germany/ Iceland/ France) of her last performance “The Mind”, in 2009 and in 2010 to Chile and Denmark. For the past several years she has been working as a director and as a performer with renowned Opera Composer and multimedia artist Jocy de Oliveira in numerous productions in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Germany.
Marcia holds a B.F.A. in Cinema from Estácio de Sá University (RJ-Brazil), a diploma in Acting from C.A.L. Arts Institute of Laranjeiras (RJ-Brazil), a Pós B.F.A. in Dramaturgy also from Estácio de Sá University (RJ Brazil) and a diploma in Dance (performing, teaching and choreography) from Angel Vianna University (RJ-Brazil).

Rasaboxes Instructors-in-Training and Associates

Elise Forier-Edie

Elise Forier-Edie is an Associate Professor and Head of Performance at Central Washington University, where she also teaches playwriting and devised theatre.  Elise is a professional playwright.  Her plays and musicals have been performed all over the country, in New York and Los Angeles, as well as far flung places like Jonesboro, Arkansas, and McCall, Idaho.  She has won playwriting awards from the Bonderman Symposium, the National Playwrights Conference and the Washington State Arts Commission, among others. With her writing partner, composer Tina Lear, Elise was named by Dramatists Magazine as one of the “Fifty Emerging Playwrights to Watch” in 2008.

Shelley Lynn

Shelley Lynn, MA, CYT, uses a holistic view for artistic and career development, integrating yoga, success coaching, and the artistic disciplines of physical theatre for whole being expression. With eighteen years experience as a theatre director and drama practitioner, Shelley coaches emerging artists as well as seasoned performers and has written or directed over 50 plays in the US and UK.  She earned her BA in Performing Arts from DeMontfort University UK and MA in Performance Studies from Queen Mary University of London.  She continues to train with specialists in her field, most recently with Paula Murray Cole, developing and learning the psycho-physical actor training, rasaboxes. She currently teaches The Creative Performer 101 and Playing the Stage, and runs rasajams for the community on Saturdays.  She can be found teaching weekly yoga and chakra workshops at Blue Sky in the Arts Factory and Professional Fitness Institute.

Deanna Anderson

Deanna Anderson, RSMTE, brings a depth of awareness, knowledge and sensitivity to teaching embodied movement acquired over 30 years of study and practice. Deanna is active as a teacher, choreographer, dancer, and physical theater performer in the San Francisco Bay area. She currently teaches Improvisational Theater, Vocal Yoga, and Dance at Stanford University. Deanna is a Certified Action Theater teacher, a registered Movement Educator and is training to become a rasaboxes teacher. She has received numerous grants to facilitate community projects with low income and incarcerated women. Currently Deanna and her husband develop and implement arts programming for youth with pervasive disabilities at Pacific Autism Center and incarcerated teens in Alameda County.