Written material for the website is derived from many sources. The current content has been been culled from research and writing by Richard Schechner, Michele Minnick and Paula Murray Cole, with other contributions from Berit Costa and Jeanne Finestone, as well as biographical information from Benjamin Mosse, Saviana Stanescu, Rachel Bowditch and Fernando Calzadilla.

Photos and Drawings

Most of the rasaboxes photographs were taken in 2003 by Ryan Jensen, with New York University Performance Workshop participants demonstrating aspects of rasaboxes work.

The line drawings are sketches by Joan Schirle of participants doing rasaboxes work at The Dell’ Arte International School of Physical Theatre in 2005.


Initial funding for the design and implementation of this site was provided by donations made to East Coast Artists, by Richard Schechner, Paula Murray Cole and Nancy B. Cole.


Thanks to all those who have helped in the conception, design and launch of this website:
Andy Heib and Rhys Daunic of Dtek Digital Media, Heather Marold Thomason of Bad Feather Graphic Design, Richard Schechner, Jeanne Finestone, Nicole Daunic, Berit Costa, Sarah Zoogman, Michelle Pierce, Rachel Bowditch, David Peng, Dan Lawrence, Alyssa Duerksen, Shelly Lynn, Andrew Gaines, Dana Arie, Freddy Villano, Marcia Morares.
Thanks to all past, present, and future rasaboxes and performance workshop participants, for whom this site has been built.