Ithaca College Special Topics Course: Rasaboxes, March 19-April 12, 2011

Ithaca College, Department of Theatre Arts
Special Topics: Rasaboxes
THPA 49500 – 02 • CRN: 43412 • LA FA • 3 Credits
Scheduled Meeting Times: MTWR 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Class will meet Monday through Thursday from March 19th through April 12th.
Place: Dillingham, Studio 1
Prerequisites: Sophomore standing
Instructor: Paula Murray Cole

Special Topics: Rasaboxes is a course in the study, training and application of a suite of exercises known as rasaboxes, devised by Richard Schechner and developed by Paula Murray Cole, Michele Minnick and members of East Coast Artists.
Participants train in rasaboxes exercises including rigorous daily training in hatha yoga, extensive breath, voice and movement work, and solo and ensemble exercises. The training is then applied to the creation of devised performance work by mixing, layering, and scoring rasas to create complex, psychophysical expressions of emotion/energy, to compose dramatic characters and scene work, non-narrative performance compositions, dance, music or visual art, or special applications in fields of interest beyond the arts.

(There will be a $10 class fee due at the first class meeting to cover costs of class room materials and handouts).


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  1. maude davis says:

    I’m interested in taking this Rasabox Course and or another training course. Can you give me more information?

    Maude Davis

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